Nestled in typical, breathtaking Swiss Alpine landscape, and with its excellent infrastructure and relative proximity to Zurich Airport, Davos is the ideal location for the forthcoming European Suzuki Workshop, which is to be held from July 14 to 19, 2015. 
We are expecting 500–600 pupils from all of the 23 countries in which the Suzuki Method is taught. During the event we will be offering a whole host of courses for violin, cello, viola, piano, guitar, flute, voice, and hopefully also for double bass and trumpet, two instruments that have only very recently been included in the Suzuki program.

Further information for the Children's workshop you finde here.

Further information for the Teacher's workshop you find here.

  • Children's convention
  • Teacher's convention
  • Concerts
  • Forum for parents / teacher
  • Introduction seminar